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25 Sustainable Brands to Shop This Earth Month & Every Month (2021)

What brands have you been shopping from recently? Does Earth Month inspire you to shop from brands trying to do better? I hope that it does, and that this post will inspire you to check out at least one of these brands. I have a wide range of brands, starting out with my favorite sustainable shop, and then going into more specific brands like clothing/fashion, cleaning, food, and more! When it comes to sustainability, there are so many factors that make a brand sustainable, and not every brand on this list checks every box. Although, I believe that they are all trying and working toward making our world better. Some of them are doing better than others in different areas, like getting that B-Cerification, Fair Trade Certification and paying fair wages. Others are doing amazing working in terms of sustainable packaging, carbon emissions, and clean ingredients. Just as we don't expect ourselves and our peers to be perfect environmentalists, we can't expect companies to be perfect environmentalists. What we can do is acknowledge the progress and keep encouraging them to do better, not tear them down for what they aren't doing. And the same goes for yourself. :)

1. Earth Hero

I love Earth Hero. They also love me ;) as they gave me a coupon code to share with my incredible readers (Dragun10) and an affiliate link, which means I may earn commission if you purchase anything by shopping through it. So basically that means you should shop Earth Hero here! They have an AMAZING selection of products, specifically 175+ vetted ethical brands, and thousands of products. Not to mention they are working on so many other great things. They are a certified B Corp, member of 1% for the Planet, all orders ship carbon neutral through, and everything is shipped in minimal plastic packaging, including recycled content boxes and mailers, paper tape, and recycled content fill paper. Why should you shop now? Well because for Earth Month from 4/19-4/26: you can get 15% off site-wide with code EARTHMONTH, plus every order placed removes 1 pound of plastic through Plastic Oceans! So yeah, check them out first!

2. Girlfriend Collective

They are the first sustainable fashion brand of 2021 that you need to know of, visit their site here. Now I am little biased, because one, I'm a female and two, I love their website. But those aren't the real reason they are on this list. The real reasons are as follows, their pieces are made from recycled fabrics, they ship sustainably, and they take back old Girlfriend pieces to recycle into new clothes. They do manufacture overseas which they say is because the US does not have the best manufacturing for complex fabrics like theirs. Their about us page states "Our core factory is a magical place in Hanoi, Vietnam, that's SA8000 certified, guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor." They responsibly dye their clothing and dispose of the water. Their about us page is super thorough which makes me believe they are the real deal.

3. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of those companies I hinted at early that is trying and improving. They have made lot of progress, especially for a larger organization. Check out all the great things they are doing here. They're investing in renewable energy, using recycled materials, paying living wages (on average), and investing in regenerative organic. They also have a repair program, which I think is great and encourages less consumption, which is vital to fighting climate change. You can also give them your used clothes for store credit.

4. ThredUp

Visit the largest online thrift store, here. Secondhand shopping is great for the environment and your wallet. They're expanding their abilities into upcycled fashion and they've created. a non-profit to help small businesses and "fashion pioneers" to create sustainable clothes. They don't ship as sustainably as some other companies, but hopefully that will come in the future. I think they are doing a great job at making secondhand clothes accessible, which helps mama Earth a ton.

5. Goodfair

"No New Things" is their motto. Goodfair is another online thrift shop, but they differ from ThredUp in a few different ways. They create their own bundles that you purchase, unlike ThredUp where you pick individual pieces. Personally I think this is unique and kinda fun. Oh and don't worry, they do allow you to pick sizes. You don't know exactly what you're getting until you open it! See what I mean here. They ship in recyclable packaging and do not use mailers. Like Patagonia, they are invested in renewable energy. They do state they avoid washing their inventory, so that's definitely something to be mindful of...

6. Olive

I found Olive recently by researching sustainable brands (yes, I still research new and existing brands) and I found their business model intriguing, and similar to another business that I'll be discussing next. Visit their website here. I signed up for an account so you don't have to to learn more. Basically they use a chrome extension to consolidate the deliveries of your orders and ship them in a cardboard free, reusable shipper. You then request a pickup of the shipper and you can also make returns by placing items back in the shipper. The website says that olive is free, but I imagine you have to pay shipping on individual retailer sites unless they have a free shipping threshold. They do ask for a zip code before signing up, and it was available to me in NJ. The site gives you an Olive day, which is when you'll receive any deliveries. They say to shop like usual at 100s of your favorite stores, but it didn't look like more than 50 partners to me. Some notable ones are Adidas, Free People, Nike, and Urban. Nonetheless, this is a cool concept and I think it would also be great if they expanded into grocery delivery services.

7. Loop

Loop is similar to Olive in that they are also helping prevent shipping waste by using a reusable shipping tote. If you haven't heard of Loop, they bring your favorite consumer brands to you in reusable packaging. You can shop food/home products here and Ulta has helped bring you reusable skin/hair to shop here. They ship in the 48 mainland states and in some areas of Ontario Canada. They are a global company, and are even instores in France! They're working on super exciting things and holding brands accountable for their packaging waste. They're another example of a company that is making progress and helping brands that are not traditionally thought of as sustainable make well needed changes. I've ordered from both Loop and Loop by Ulta and love the products, even the non name brand ones. The packaging is durable and sustainable because anything that can't be reused is recycled by their parent company, TerraCycle!

8. TerraCycle

TerraCycle is "eliminating the idea of waste" by recycling almost everything. They also give you the opportunity to recycle nearly everything for free and also for a fee. You can check out their national recycling programs here, which are free, and their Zero Waste Boxes here, which you pay for. Now recycling isn't the solution, but it is better to recycle than throw things out. TerraCycle partners with a lot of brands, sustainable and not to offer these programs and have them take some accountability for their waste. I love how they have free programs which increase accessibility and encourage more people to recycle those hard to recycle products.

9. Good Bottle Refill Shop

New Jersey's first refill shop :) They recently expanded to two locations, they offer delivery nationwide and also close by for more products. They are small business and the owner is such a sweetheart, so show your support and shop here! I cannot wait to finally go visit their store and show my support, but first I need to finish all the products I've been hoarding. Not only can you refill product in your own packaging, you can also find sustainable swaps at Good Bottle. They offer a variety of products, body, hair, soap, and cleaning available for refilling. If you don't have your own packaging to refill, you can get some glass or aluminum bottles there. Their assortment is quickly expanding and I can't wait to watch their success.

10. Grove Collaborative

Grove is similar to Good Bottle in the sense that they offer a lot of different sustainable products for your home, pets and body (Grover Beauty). They also have some common sustainable swaps for cleaning, like a reusable microfiber towels. They offer a VIP subscription service which is $19 a year and gives you better prices and free shipping. You have the ability to get flexible shipments and customize them. Check out Grove here and Grove Beauty here. They are a certified B-Corp, offset shipping, plastic neutral (plastic free by 2025), and encourage refilling. By looking at their sustainability page it's clear they are trying, they have a ton of partners to help them do better and have a detailed plastic scorecard. Their beauty site has a brand called Superbloom, which is vegan (yay!). The two sites are combined and you can receive all the products together, which is convenient.

11. ECOS

ECOS is a great brand, doing a lot. They make household cleaning products, that are "clean" and made from non toxic, plant powered ingredients. On top of that they're climate positive, water neutral, TRUE Platinum Zero Waste certified, and fighting for better wages. They're working on their packaging, which is made with recycled plastic and they have reusable products on Loop! Learn more about ECOS here. They're doing fantastic work and I hope that they continue to do better and raise the standard for what it means to be sustainable. Not to mention, they're affordable, unlike some other clean cleaning products!

12. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan personal care brand that makes deodorants, hair bars, face products, and body products. You can shop their best seller goodies here. Not to mention, their plastic negatve, climate neutral, fair trade, and leaping bunny certified. They also have a bulk program which only adds to the list of reasons they're a great brand to support.

13. Rebrand Skincare

Rebrand Skincare is a very small company located in California, but I do want to highlight small businesses in this post because you should shop small when you can. :) They currently only have 3 products, shop them here. They come in glass bottles and then Rebrand offers aluminum refills, yes for reuse! On their website, there's a page dedicated to all their ingredients, which are vegan, renewably sourced, and biodegradable. There's also a page for their packaging, now talk about transparency. We love to see it! Their products are a little more expensive, which is really the only reason I haven't tested them out yet. But, I will splurge one day and I think my skin will thank me.

14. Chamberlain Coffee

So yes, I like Emma Chamberlain and her coffee company made me like her even more. I'm a coffee drinker and advocate for sustainability (haha as if you didn't know). I think Emma did almost everything right with this brand. Her coffee is fair trade, USDA Organic, and kinda sustainably packaged. She details the countries the beans come from and claims that they are sustainably and ethically sourced. The steeping bags are partially home compostable (not certified) and only certified for industrial composting. I still think this is better than plastic k-cups and would love to see how quickly the bags would compost in the backyard, if at all. Additionally, I like how you can purchase tumblers and reusable straws, which will hopefully encourage her large following toward reuse over single use. Shop here. Again, I have not purchased from Chamberlain Coffee because it is expensive, but I have seen several good reviews.

15. Pela

You've probably already heard of Pela, yes the compostable phone cases. But they are more than that! Pela has been expanding their offerings, most recently they launched a home composter called Lomi. It's very cool and very expensive. They are B Certified, a member of 1% for the planet, and climate neutral. Shop their site here and while you're there check out their next products!

16. Belle Vie Candle

Another small business to add to your list! I received one of their candles as a grad gift and it smells amazing. Their candles are vegan, 100% soy wax, paraben free & phthalate free fragrance, and have cotton wicks. Basically meaning they're good for you and the planet. They also come in cute glass jars, and have a 50 hour burn time. Definitely get one for yourself or as a gift here.

17. Intersectional Environmentalist Merch

If you haven't visited their website, please do so here and purchase some sustainable merch. The influencers and sustainability advocates who make up the Intersectional Environmentalist team are incredible people. They create educational content that I continue to learn from, so pay their team's insta pages a visit and give them a follow for all the hard work they're doing. I think everyone in the movement can learn from them. In case you don't know, intersectional environmentalism advocates for the protection of people and the planet

18. The Guilty Grape

Sustainable wine and women owned! They also have gorgeous glasses and coasters that I am living for, shop them here. Additionally, they include wine accessories in their celebration kit: wine pourer, wine stopper, wine opener, and a wine collar. Basically everything a wine lover needs. So what makes them sustainable? They source from micro vineyards in California, making them more local and cutting down on transportation emissions. In their story page, they discuss how they help minorities and women through their hiring and team building, which is not something a lot of brands discuss. If you're 21+ go indulge in some local delicious wine.

19. Omi Woods

Omi Woods is a fair trade, ethical jewelry brand. Their about us page states "The gold is sourced from small-scale artisanal mines that support the well-being of miners and their communities by paying miners a fair wage and contributing to improved health care, education, safety and living conditions on the continent." I mean their pieces are absolutely stunning, shop them here. It's great to see them treating workers fairly, which isn't done as often as you might think in the industry. Next time you need a gift for a special person in your life, you know where to look!

20. SOKO

Another ethical jewelry brand, SOKO is also women led and B-corp certified. They ship their beautiful pieces in a cloth bag with a paper card. They describe themselves as follows "a tech-powered manufacturing platform built to connect marginalized artisans in Kenya with the global market. Artisans working with SOKO earn nearly 5X more than an average artisan workshop! Today almost 90% of all brass in the world is recycled. SOKO gives materials new life by using materials acquired from local markets and vendors." I bought a pair of their earrings and they were perfect. You can shop them through Earth Hero with my link here.

21. Rothy's

They use water bottles and marine plastic to make their shoes by turning the plastic into a thread. They've recovered almost 100 million bottles to make into shoes and other products. This year they are launching a recycling program to make Rothy's circular and ensure that their shoes don't end up in landfills. Their goal is to have a closed loop production model by 2023. Although, it doesn't seem they have any information on other aspects of their sustainability strategy. If anyone knows more about them, let us know in the comments! I still think what they are doing is amazing and hopefully to see them do even better; since they do say that they're on a quest for better. Check them out here.

22. Allbirds

Allbirds has multiple initiatives and they aren't using one approach to sustainability which is great to see. They are working on reversing climate change, regenerative agriculture, sustainable materials, and carbon offsetting. They are a certified B-corp and recently introduced plant leather, pretty neat! You can read all about their sustainable practices here and then shop after.

23. Ben & Jerrys

I couldn't leave one of my favorite vegan ice creams off the list! But really, there aren't many well rounded and outspoken companies like Ben and Jerry's. They are a certified B-corp, and supporters of the climate movement and so many more. Learn about the movements they support here. Specifically in terms of climate justice they are working on 100% renewable energy by 2025, 40% greenhouse gas intensity reduction by 2025, 80% greenhouse gas intensity reduction by 2050. Hopefully they continue to do better and I'm just saying I would love some Ben & Jerry's in reusable packaging on Loop.

24. Too Good to Go

They are one of the few brands willing to take on food waste. I'm going to tell you how because it's quite fascinating. So far they have 87,820 cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, hotels (and more!) on board to collect food from thats going bad and then they sell it through their app. They are not located everywhere in the US, but I hope to see their reach expand, as they only recently launched here. They are in several countries in Europe already. According to their UK site, it seems like you don't know exactly what you've purchased until you pick it up, read about it here. I think this is a cool concept and hope to see it catch on soon! Oh and I almost forgot, they are a B-certified corporation.

25. Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a win for humans, earth, and animals. The footprint of a Beyond burger is significantly less than a cow burger. I often see people come at vegan meat alternatives because of the long ingredients list, but I think they're just mad its still healthier. The Beyond burger "offers greater or equal protein levels than their animal counterparts, no cholesterol, less saturated fat, and no antibiotics or hormones." You can't say the same for

animal meat.... And honestly the Beyond burger is good if you cook it right. So I really hope that non vegetarians and vegans find ways to incorporate Beyond products into their lives to reduce their footprint. It's a great way to start doing meatless Mondays!

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