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Sustainable Black Friday Shopping: Earth Hero Edition

Black Friday never ceases to tempt me; I'm not going to lie to you; I think I've gotten something on Black Friday every year. My sister and I would go to the mall super early to get the best deals on new clothes; remember when they had timed sales? Or remember when they had shirtless models outside of Hollister, but only for those who got there at like 3 am? Again, I can't lie to you. That was definitely another reason to get there super early. So not only does Black Friday hold some nostalgic value to me, it does have a monetary value. When you're on a budget, price is one of the first things you consider, and sustainability is a secondary concern. As a young adult, I try to be pretty sustainable, but that's not always feasible, especially since I'm not really pulling in the dough. So can Black Friday be sustainable? I hope Earth Hero can help you and me have a sustainable black Friday or cyber Monday.

Before we get into it, I want to let you know why I'm specifically highlighting Earth Hero and not another zero waste, sustainable shop. First of all, I have the opportunity to earn a little extra cash if you decide to purchase anything, but that's not my only reason. I do actually love Earth Hero. I've gotten Soko earrings, bags, straws, and more from them for myself and as gifts for others. They're a certified B-Corp, 1% for the planet, Climate Neutral, and Zero Waste. I meant they're one company trying to tackle sustainable living from all sides, packaging, emissions, people, and ingredients. It's quite impressive if you ask me and that's why I'm grateful to be able to partner with them. I hope that you consider shopping from them as well because this Black Friday if you use BF2021, you get 20% off sitewide and they'll play 5 trees for every order.

Gift Boxes

Earth Hero has a variety of gift boxes perfect for friends, pets, and parents. One of the most affordable and cutest gift sets is the Save the Bees Honey Pot Organic Skincare Bundle. This set includes a recycled glass honey pot filled with tasty raw honey in one of three assorted flavors, plus a wooden honey dipper, and a lotion bar, and lip balm, all made from non-toxic and certified organic ingredients. Additionally, Earth Hero recycles the empty lip balm tube and lotion bar tin through TerraCycle if you send it back to them!

Another set on the more affordable end is the Castile Soap Zero Waste Dishwashing Kit, ideal for the parent or young adult in your life that's getting started on their susty journey. This zero-waste kit contains all the essentials you'll need to make your cleaning routine less wasteful – from dish soap to cleaning brushes and beyond!

My next pick for you is something we all need, "an hour of peace." This is perfect for probably anyone in your life, or treat yourself because Christmas shopping is stressful. This box has everything you need to take care of your skin and help you take care of your mind. It includes a soy candle, dry brush, clay face mask, and repairing eye cream.

To see all their gift boxes and help me earn some $$$, use this link to shop, and as a reminder, all links will contribute to my coffee and cat funds!

Stocking Stuffers

I'm not sure what it is about them, but I'm a sucker for stocking stuffers. I love getting them, and I love buying them! Earth Hero has a pretty good selection of options for everyone.

  • Beautiful Gold Stud earrings made from 99% recycled metal made in Seattle

  • Pela Phone Card Holder which is compostable and sticks to your phone case

  • Meow Meow Tweet Vegan lip balm, I love Meow Meow Tweet, and who doesn't lose their chapstick?

  • Cute Socks that support mental health

  • Vegan, Sustainable Makeup Kit from Elate (Clarity Better Balm, Black Essential Mascara, and one LipColor Pencil)

  • Steep & Mellow Tea, their packaging is iconic, and they're a women-owned brand!

  • Adorable Santa's Helpers Wool Ornaments

  • CoffeSock Cold Brew Kit with a reusable cotton filter

  • Rooted Women Nail Polish, another women-owned business that's also black-owned, vegan, & cruelty-free

For the Kiddos

Most of us have a kid in our life that we shop for during the holidays, and if not, maybe this encourages you to donate a toy or clothes to those children in need this year.

  • Dump Truck Toy or, better yet, a Recycling Truck Toy made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic from milk jugs; these trucks are perfect for indoor or outdoor play. The BPA-free, PVC-free trucks feature a workable dumper and no metal axles so that playtime can be safer than ever. Plus, they meet FDA Food Safety Standards, so you'll never have to worry about yucky chemicals from plastic toys again!

  • Pretend Play Detective Set, not only will this be fun for them, it gets their brain working and teaches them problem-solving skills, which will, of course, be vital to their success later in life.

  • This is possibly the best thing on the list, eco-dough and non-toxic, of course. Essential oils add a light scent while keeping dough pliable for hours of creative play. Set includes three vibrant primary colors, with handy instructions on mixing colors to create purple, orange, and green!

Since you made it this far, don't forget to enter Earth Hero's Giveaway!

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