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The Sustainable Guide to Black Friday

As a conscious shopper, Black Friday can be one of the most difficult times of the year. The sales and limited-time deals are hard to resist even though you don't need any of it! I personally love utilizing Black Friday to shop for my friends and family to purchase gifts I know they truly want/need or buy supplies to make presents. When it comes to shopping, the best tip I can offer is to think about if that item is needed and will be used until the end of its life. And on the occasions, the answer is yes; you need to find the most eco-friendly stores to buy it!

Earth Hero

Earth Hero is one of the best sustainable shops around, and they have basically everything. Think of them as the green amazon. As of Tuesday the 24th, you can save 15% off their gifts category by using the code "GREENGIFTS." Their Black Friday sale begins tomorrow and will be 20% off everything on the site, which is a great deal.

You can buy your loved one's sustainable personal care products, clothes, workout gear, or kitchen swaps. I highly recommend their products and love the hi-bar shampoo and conditioner bars. They also have sustainable candles, which are a perfect gift for your aunt, teacher, or coworker! They have a new lip balm for your vegan friends, and get your avocado loving friends the avocado huggers. These are only a few suggestions, as they have 29 pages of gifts to give! Ultimately, they have something for everyone in your life. Not only are you giving them a high-quality product, but you're also giving them a new mindset regarding how they approach everyday activities.

Package Free Shop

Package Free is my second favorite eco-friendly shop. They have a TON of products as well, but nearly as many as Earth Hero. They recently updated their site to include gift guides and give you the option to shop by price, which I think is incredibly helpful. If you're a VIP member of PF's loyalty program, you can begin shopping their black Friday sale, which is 25% off sitewide, another amazing deal. Hopefully, everyone has access to the sale, but just in case, I suggest signing up for their free program today.

They have all the basics when it comes to living a low waste or zero waste lifestyle. I personally love their stainless steel food containers and stasher bags! @maryahdinane shows one usage of the stasher bags, which is when you have an outdoor picnic! Although there are so many other ways to use them and they make a great gift for anyone who uses too many Ziploc bags :)

Zero Waste Box

Terracycle will be having a sale on their zero waste boxes on Black Friday. Unfortunately, I do not know what the discount will be for you guys. But I know that zero waste boxes are often a great way for people to start transitioning into a low waste lifestyle. They make great gifts for anyone in your life that may refuse to change what products they buy, but they are open to recycling. Recycling certainly isn't the solution to the waste crisis but is better than trash going to a landfill.


Pela sells compostable cases for phones, watches, AirPods, and more. They're offering up to 50% off the site for Cyber Month!


Jord is a vegan handbag company offering 40% off of the majority of their products for Black Friday. Although a forewarning, they are on the more expensive end, but super cute and fashionable. If you have the funds, they would be a perfect brand to shop for your loved ones! They have purses, wallets, and backpack like purses for the women and even products for the men like sunglasses and eyewear.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend's black sale promo is 30% off sitewide and 2x points on purchases!! Now, you can't beat something, and it might be the best promo on this list thus far. Why are they sustainable? Their packaging is 100% recyclable, and their products are made from recycled plastic. Now they are not 100% recycled, but some is better than none, right? The products are trendy, cute, and somewhat affordable. Buying from Girlfriend is definitely better than buying from H&M or another fast-fashion brand. And as we all know, the struggle can be real when thrifting, especially when it comes to workout gear.

Alice + Whittles

A+W is giving away a Free woolly footbed with every weekend boot purchase now through Nov. 30. They're a sustainable footwear brand that boasts sustainable and vegan materials, as well as diversity. In addition to receiving a gift with purchase, some boots and socks are discounted. Definitely check them out if you or anyone you know needs a pair of rain boots or hiking shoes.


Check out your local shops to see if they're having any Black Friday sales, especially thrift stores, nurseries, or handmade good stores. This really depends on your location and the types of stores around you, but I believe supporting small businesses is one of the best ways to vote with your dollars. These mom and pop shops need your support, especially now with the pandemic, and who doesn't want their local economy to thrive?

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this list covers all the bases. For your Black Friday shopping, and let me know in the comments if it didn't. I would love to help you find a sustainable shop for a specific item. I hope you all get some great deals and your holiday shopping done! I tried only to include stores I perceived to be truly sustainable and best for the planet.

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